Who we are

VOICEAT is an Italian company that produces rigorously Made in Italy bags and fashion accessories that intends to convey ethical and social messages in order to shine the spotlight on issues that are too often relegated to visibility in rare institutional moments or following dramatic events, thus creating a network of solidarity and sharing and greater awareness on the theme of which the couture product interprets.

He does it through Art . In fact, on Voiceat's iconic bags (from Voice-at "to give voice") images taken from works of art such as paintings, sculptures or author's paintings appear and will appear.

Beauty , ethics and art , these are the key words as well as Italian craftsmanship and sustainability in a project that intends to carry out a socio-cultural revolution by ennobling Fashion and giving voice first and foremost to it due to its immediate and impactful force.

Voiceat was born from an intuition of Annalaura Giannelli , business consultant and writer. In fact, it is from his latest mystery novel entitled "The Secret of the Magdalene" published by Les Flaneurs in 2021 that the project originates.

The silent protagonist of the story is Mary Magdalene , a controversial and charismatic figure, who went down in history as a redeemed prostitute whereas she was instead a noble and courageous woman as well as the most important of the apostles and the most loved by Christ (as the Church itself has repeatedly reiterated by correcting the 'error, to the point of making it apostola apostolorum with a papal decree of 2016).

Unfortunately, however, in popular belief and in classical iconography Magdalene will remain "the one who sinned so much" before redeeming herself. A historical fake .

Hence the experiment: to give voice to capable, intelligent, strong, audacious and courageous personalities of the female world , subjected to discrimination, mistreated and offended because they are not willing to submit or - sometimes - "just for the fact of being women" , with the aim of taking a stand on important and current social issues simply by wearing a fashion accessory and networking.

Thus was born the iconic "La Maddalena" bag , in structured canvas and bamboo handles with a detachable jewel tag that can be used individually (on which the brand is reproduced: a circumference inside which appears a stylized human figure screaming to be heard) and on which stands out a wonderful image of the Saint reinterpreted by the famous Andalusian realist Josè Maria Pena who, after reading the novel by Annalaura Giannelli, was struck by the story to the point of creating a work dedicated to Maddalena .

Maddalena becomes an iconic character against gender violence.

She is the first of a series of famous women in the world who are victims of injustice, violence, misogyny and discrimination who will become protagonists of Voiceat.

With the autumn/winter 2023 2024 season, Voiceat opens up to a new social theme and turns the spotlight on respect for nature and the environment .

The new bags give voice, in particular, to animals who have been victims of human experimentation , vivisection , hunting and poaching ... also in this case unique images taken from extraordinary works by great international artists .


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