Animale sacro nell'antichità e inconsapevole riformista dei tempi moderni: il CAVALLUCCIO MARINO (a rischio di estinzione) col suo fascino e i suoi misteri è il protagonista della nuova summer bag di VOICEAT

Color and sustainability , an essential combination for the next summer season where the desire for holidays and freedom is already exploding, but VOICEAT - consistent with its mission - loads the new summer bag with ethical contents with a pinch of playful provocation.

The protagonist for the For friends line dedicated to nature and animals, after the success of the iconic Phanter bag , is the small seahorse , placed in the attic and forgotten, at risk of extinction due to the gradual disappearance of its habitats due to pollution and climate change . Those who are no longer very young remember that a few decades ago it wasn't difficult to come across one of these magical creatures in our seas and see them move gracefully among shells and starfish. Now it's no longer possible.

But the charm of this extraordinary animal lies not only in its aristocratic shape which impressively recalls that of the horse , not only in its bright colors ranging from yellow to orange to red, but also in the love hook of its tail prehensile with which - incredible to say - the female deposits her eggs in the male's belly . Unique exception in nature! And it will be him, the male, who will give birth with a process similar to the female one between labor pains and contractions until the expulsion of a myriad of very small seahorses.

An admirable provocation from the innovative Apulian fashion house which, with its creations, opposes any form of discrimination and conveys messages of ethical value against misogyny and sexism . The "summer" , for which there is great anticipation among those who are already fond of the new brand, will be a Tote - insiders spoil - but for the rest it is top secret.

A final note on this extraordinary animal is its legendary and divine nature according to the beliefs of ancient peoples. The hippocampus , in fact, so also called due to the aforementioned similarity to the land horse (from the Greek ippos/horse and campos/sea monster) is linked to the myth of Poseidon , god of the seas, whose chariot is pulled by sea horses and nymphs. Seahorses were Poseidon's favorite steeds that allowed him to travel quickly and demonstrate his power. The Nereids , sea nymphs, daughters of the sea god Nereus were also often depicted riding on hippocampi .

The sea horse represents the intersection between land and sea , the latter being a kingdom of mystery and beauty, themes very familiar to the seductive female world. And again, a connecting animal between the known and the unknown... and what is more mysterious , one wonders, than a female bag with all its cryptic universe ?

Voiceat promised it: not just form. Fashion is loaded with unimaginable contents to be discovered and interpreted.

Make room, then, for the new summer bag!