Dimmi che borsa indossi e ti dirò chi sei. VOICEAT: dall'individualità all'alterità

The bag is not just any accessory , a simple complement to our look to wear absentmindedly before leaving the house.

It is not even a simple object of desire as an end in itself, nor a container for trinkets that we otherwise wouldn't know where to put.

The bag expresses much more, and above all our way of being and relating to others: who we are and, sometimes, who we would like to be. Upon closer inspection, the chosen bag model can highlight our strengths and weaknesses ; but also the way we wear it reveals some aspects of our personality.

Always a symbol of femininity , bags accompany women of all times, of any culture and social status.

There are those who have a wardrobe full of them and often change models and types, highlighting an eclectic and jagged personality and those who, in the end, tend to always prefer the same or the same model because they are stable in their ego .

The bag defines a woman's identity.

Those who love large bags are almost always extroverted and dynamic individuals who love to carry their world with them throughout the day also to feel safer. The large size of the bag can symbolize a tool of defense or, alternatively, taking up more space and having greater visibility, power or need for affirmation .

Small bags in which little or nothing fits represent a mostly seductive tool, however, and express femininity and sensitivity but also tenderness and sweetness. A shoulder strap moved behind the shoulders, behind the hips indicates shyness and fragility , positioned in front and well centered on self-love and psychophysical well-being.

Sometimes a bag - for those with low self-esteem - can only represent a status, an instrument of success and personal fulfillment.

With VOICEAT, fashion goes further by inviting women to a cultural trend reversal: the bag is no longer just a container of one's self but, losing the connotation of individuality at any cost, looks to the other, to who one is more fragile, to those who cannot cope , to those who have no voice and becomes a powerful media tool to support social and solidarity causes , from the fight against gender violence to respect for life, nature and animals .

Voiceat is aimed at women who have personality and do not feel the need to prove anything other than being free , self-determined and aware . Bold and counter-current women . This is how the gaze broadens and goes beyond the self until it encounters otherness. The beauty and lightness of fashion are not compromised, but - on the contrary - enhanced by style, art and craftsmanship typical of true Made in Italy .