Il new luxury secondo VOICEAT

Entrenched in the oligopoly of historic fashion houses , the concept of luxury and more particularly its identifying characteristics would seem to have gradually contracted and reduced to that of very high price and, perhaps, quality .

Sad, especially when the products begin to lose originality , uniqueness and resemble each other if it weren't for the distinctive feature of the logo whose ostentation is now an established form of accreditation on a social and economic level.

“I wear this that costs a lot and therefore I show you who I am and how much I am worth.”

How much psychological fragility in this thinking!

What, one wonders, would the German psychoanalyst Erich Fromm , author of the famous essay “Having or Being”, say in light of these bitter considerations? For Fromm, two categories of individuals coexist , those who live according to the modalities of having who aspire to possess and take possession of things and people , and those who follow the modalities of being , these are in an authentic relationship with themselves, with others and more generally with the world around them, with nature, ready to welcome the experience of life in every moment .

But what if luxury expressed something else and was able to convey something else? Beauty first and foremost and therefore Art , Culture but also Values ​​and Ethics ; and again: Exclusivity, Inimitability, Sustainability , and managed to hedonistically involve all the senses until reaching the soul and making it vibrate while still with that lightness (which has nothing to do with the idea of ​​superficiality) which has always been typical of Fashion ?

VOICEAT, the new brand born in Salento from the intuition of the writer Annalaura Giannelli, intends to occupy this free space that has opened up naturally in the grayness of a fashion that is too often only logoed and repetitive , giving it a noble and media function , magically fusing art (present in the majority of the young company's production) and social themes in an exclusive and artisanal product that is not necessarily for those who are rich, but rather for those who are free, free to think and choose ... between being or having.