La rete Pink di Voiceat per dire NO

Born to transfer the beauty of fashion in combination with Art and Culture onto bags and fashion accessories, Voiceat has a further mission , that of conveying strong and clear messages against violence and discrimination and, more generally, for the benefit of those she cannot make herself heard or is unable to, like women who are victims of physical violence or trapped in psychological manipulation or narcissistic abuse.

The couture product (like the now iconic "La Maddalena" bag on which the image of the Saint closest to Christ has been transferred in all her enigmatic charm determined by the historical fake that delivered her to the world as a noblewoman - which she was - a prostitute, a work by the Andalusian realist Josè Maria Pena) speaks, or rather SCREAMS and says ENOUGH, to a machismo that is rampant in our society no less than it was in that of Maddalena, ever more subtle, creeping and mellifluous, who wears the Pirandello mask of respectability and respectability.

Women of all ages network and recognize each other. The women take sides. They are the ones who can't keep quiet (under the warning of "stay in your place"), they are the ones who are not afraid to take a stand or who, at least, are no longer afraid. Women free to think and express themselves, determined to ask for respect for themselves and for others, if the others cannot do it alone.

Fashion, in its lightness, is enriched with ethical and social contents that magically blend with art and history. The result speaks for itself: a fascinating, inimitable couture product, entirely Made in Italy, capable of moving and transferring important and shareable contents.

The experiment repeats itself. Von Danneker's marble sculpture from 1836 is the protagonist of the new tote bag for the summer against gender violence, with essential lines and warm colors (beige canvas and brown eco leather finishes with the unmistakable touch of gold). The choice fell on Lesbia , a young Roman woman from the 1st century BC, free and emancipated, muse of the poet Catullus who - when the story ended due to a sudden choice - did not harm a hair of her beloved's hair.

We ask the Founder of Voiceat, Annalaura Giannelli, what the next steps will be to keep attention on the topic.

With the cape “I love me”, I want to remind you, we intended to launch a new appeal to women: take back your life and make it a masterpiece which you are. Violence destabilizes, but women are authentic Phoenician Arabs and in their hearts they know it. They must not feel alone and this is partly the mission of our brand which, without subverting roles, intends to make fashion a communication and networking tool.

We are already working on the autumn/winter season but I can't say much in advance. We intend to confirm the exclusivity of our production and its absolute inimitability through the valuable contents with which we enrich and ennoble the couture product... without forgetting that the spotlight of our brand is turned on to other important social and ethical issues: environment , flora and fauna... but that's another story."

A new little bag dedicated to the Santa who largely inspired the fashion project is expected soon.

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