La mantella “I LOVE ME” - Una new entry in casa VOICEAT

“I love me” , represents much more than a refined hand embroidery that embellishes the new VOICEAT waterproof fabric cape for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Charmingly placed on the shoulder, under the burnt sienna colored standing collar, the imperative I love me is characterized by refined and elegant graphics .

Consistent with the idea of ​​giving fashion an added value , like words for music, Voiceat addresses an invitation to women to love themselves , to learn to love themselves first and only then others in the matured awareness that too often in The women who have some fragility in terms of self-love and self-esteem, the most empathetic and noble of soul, fall first into the jaws of skilled unscrupulous manipulators and sleazy perverse narcissists.

In that “ I love me ” the Apulian fashion house says to women “You have nothing to prove, you are capable and beautiful just as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses: so love each other!”.

The cape , soft and elegant , rigorously Made in Italy and tailor-made, is characterized by its soft colours, beige in particular with burnt brown profiles and collar and the indispensable gold touch of the jewel plate portraying the logo (a stylized woman's face screaming to be heard) inserted into the zip. The line is short for a dynamic but never predictable woman , just as the new brand led by Giannelli continues to be predictable.

Voiceat capes I love me