L'irresistibile fascino della Horse bag di Voiceat. Vincente il connubio tra stile, arte, ed etica.

He is the new protagonist of Voiceat, the horse , a noble and elegant animal, with an innate intelligent and indomitable instinctive strength, capable of always interpreting the most authentic canons of freedom , purity and beauty .

The horse, yes, but not just any horse. As per the good “Voiceattian” tradition (to use a neologism), Art reigns supreme. On the front of the newly created Tote bag from the innovative Apulian fashion house , there appears a digital print of an image extrapolated from a painting by George Stubbs , an eighteenth-century English painter who became famous for his paintings on horses. The animal's posture reproduced on a fine canvas-colored canvas is elegant and composed; The brand name is placed at the base of the bag, under the horse's hooves.

The stylish Tote Bag with clean lines has a hand handle and brown eco-leather profiles (consistent with the idea of ​​not using animal skin), gold hooks and feet. The canvas shoulder strap is comfortable and useful.

Voiceat intends to re-propose the taste of a classic and refined elegance which is well reconciled with the modernity of the lines and the message. It denounces: this splendid creature is still today a victim of the chain of exploitation in sport , in heavy work , in the meat industry and experimentation .

After the sea-horse bag dedicated to the seahorse which will be very popular in seaside resorts when the first warm weather arrives, the "For friends" line is enriched with this new authentic jewel by Voiceat .