La Moda che parla veste VOICEAT - Alla scoperta della nuova collezione

An ancient marble sculpture portraying a Roman girl, a proud and composed horse with a brown and shiny coat, a vermilion hippocampus floating on a confetti expanse: here are the new protagonists of VOICEAT , fashion that speaks for the upcoming spring/summer 2024 season , which does not stop at the conventional border of trend and colour, lines and shapes, but which intends to ferry it into the kaleidoscope of true communication, the one made up of contents, history and art, culture and ethics to give it an aura never possessed before .

As with music - which is enriched with words conveying sentimental or social content - so can fashion with its media force, explains Annalaura Giannelli , founder of Voiceat to the students of the University of Salento in a recent meeting held at the university headquarters of the Salento capital - as long as you find the right balance between the lightness of fashion and the message to be conveyed . The concept of sustainability - he adds - cannot and must not remain limited to the environmental impact but must extend to the ethical and social one.

In this work of study, research and artistic creation, the new brand is already a female team and makes use of the competence and professionalism of the art director Carol Cordella , daughter of art and owner of the Puglia Fashion Institute of the same name . A winning combination in this first year of hard and incessant work.

But, therefore, who are the protagonists of the summer?

Their story is clearly explained in the tags that accompany the VOICEAT bags and accessories.

The Roman girl is Lesbia , the woman loved by Catullus, a Latin poet of the 1st century BC in the sculpture by Henrich Von Dannecker, a 19th century German artist whose facial features were inspired by his beloved wife, who died in 1823. The artist who began to sculpt marble in 1790, he only finished the work in 1836, at the age of 78. An ancient story of love in an older story of love and hate as the famous Carme 87 “Odi et amo” by Catullus reminds us, written when the girl had tired of the poet and had left him. The message is clear and does not have a purely artistic and cultural connotation but also a social one: it is permissible to hate a woman who makes you suffer, but it is not permissible to adopt any form of violence, ever!

The English thoroughbred by Giorge Stubbs , an English painter from the 1700s, in a standing position, composed and elegant, intends to raise awareness of respect for nature and for all animals and in particular, the horse, endowed with marked intelligence and sensitivity but still a victim today of exploitation in the meat market supply chain and scientific experimentation.

And, finally, a playful seahorse that takes us back to childhood, to the carefree days of summer spent in seaside resorts, to those baths in the clear and pristine waters of our Mediterranean. And yes, because until about forty years ago these wonderful marine creatures that seem to have come out of a fairy tale, populated our waters exactly like starfish and it was not difficult to find them frolicking on the shore in the pleasant coming and going of the waves... Not anymore and they are at risk of extinction .

But Voiceat also reminds us that the hippocampus is the only animal in the world in which the male gives birth between labor pains and contractions , a pleasant provocation for the male gender: it is about time that something also fell to gentlemen in a more equal redistribution of roles and tasks.

But the outerwear adopted and relaunched by the Apulian maison also speaks, the new VOICEAT cape in lightweight waterproof material and tailor-made in three variants: beige with burnt brown profiles , blue with black profiles and black with gray profiles . Yes, because on the shoulder, immediately under the graceful standing collar, you can see an embroidery that reads "I LOVE ME" ... a simple and clear motto, not at all banal and not easily implementable for the majority of women, too often inclined to to give and receive less, to sacrifice themselves for others and postpone their own needs in favor of those of others, ending up succumbing to spirals of dependence and violence when they fall into the clutches of skilled emotional manipulators and unscrupulous men.

The invitation is therefore to take back control of your life and give yourself deserved centrality.

If you want to find out more, all you have to do is type and start following the innovative and captivating brand (whose evocative logo represents a stylized woman shouting to be heard) on the Facebook and Instagram pages .