Mary Magdalene was certainly one of the most important women in the world, if not the most important together with Mary of Nazareth . A controversial figure full of charisma, she unjustly goes down in history as a penitent prostitute . Thus it will remain marked forever over the centuries.

The sensational error traced back to a sermon by Pope Gregory the Great in the 4th century AD (which will make the three different women named Mary present in the canonical gospels a single woman) is rectified several times by the Church, but there is no way: in popular belief and in the history of art the historical falsehood will always prevail and the Saint (recognized apostola apostolorum , that is, the most important of all the apostles) will be constantly condemned to be the one who after having sinned so much is redeemed and rehabilitated by Christ . Magdalene is thus destined to be portrayed with her gaze turned to the sky to ask for forgiveness or downwards, to the ground, as an act of humility and repentance.

But who was he really?

A woman of noble lineage , faithful, courageous and certainly very beautiful, Maddalena abandons the castle of Magdala where she lived with her family to follow the Messiah and never leave him again.

The historical falsehood that turns a wonderful woman into a no-good person, branding her over the centuries for what she wasn't, is mocking and extremely timely.

In Maddalena and her passion , in her free and emancipated choice to consciously self-determine, all women can find a beacon, all the brighter the more unfair her history marked by pure chauvinism and misogyny.

voiceat tote bag maddalena white

Brought back to life by the Spanish portraitist Josè Maria Pena , in an unprecedented artistic unicum, Maddalena finally appears composed and beautiful (and no longer scantily clad, bare-breasted and with red hair, a symbol of sin and temptation). His image and his straight gaze looking for the interlocutor demand and command respect .

Voiceat , the new fashion brand from Puglia with an ethical and social connotation that wants to give a voice to women victims of abuse and to all categories who are unable to make themselves heard, has made her an iconic figure with an iconic bag that is already has become a virtuous and supportive shield and network to say NO to abuse, No to violence in any form and to say

“We are all with you. We are all Maddalena!”.

A new little bag dedicated to the Santa who largely inspired the fashion project is expected soon.

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